A Secret in Time

Big Honey Dog Mysteries #2

When Olivia, Honey the Great Dane’s owner, is asked to be the official photographer for The Royal Dog Show, they’re both excited. When they arrive at the show, Honey is greeted by all her old pals from the neighborhood. As they settle in and see just how busy dog show preparations are for all the show dogs, Honey can’t believe her eyes. She even gets to meet her own doggy doppelganger, Anja, who comes from the same breeder Honey came from. Besides that, once Anja experiences a setback and can’t proceed to do the dog show, Honey must step in her place. Weird things are happening all around them, but nothing is as scary as Honey stumbling upon none other than the Phantom Hound. Who is this Phantom Hound and why does he keep appearing to Honey? How does Honey handle stepping in the show ring?

This is another of Ms. Hanna’s stories that I just adored. It’s filled with the fun adventures of Honey and her best friends, while also providing plenty of mystery along the way. In this story, we learn about the Phantom Hound and why all the mishaps were happening around the Showgrounds. We also get to see the comical transition of Honey when she had to jump in Anja’s place during the dog show. The author knows how to write wonderful stories that make her readers just devour every story she writes all because of silly Honey and her lovable canine friends. These stories are perfect for any age and will surely be a hit with any reader who adores mysteries that are wrapped around fun loving canines. I love this series and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Book Blurb for A Secret in Time

Haunted dog show. Jealous rivals. Serious slobber.

When Honey the Great Dane arrives at a dog show, the last thing she expects to meet is her doggie doppelgänger! But things get even stranger when her famous 'twin' is poisoned and Honey is asked to take her place in the show ring... She soon finds that the glamorous world of champions hides some ugly secrets. Are the Showgrounds really haunted by a Phantom Hound? What really happened ten years ago when a mysterious fire claimed two lives? And just how far will someone go to win the title of 'Best in Show'?

Kids, young teens and dog lovers of all ages will enjoy this action-packed mystery filled with suspense and humour! The perfect upper middle grade read or a book for parents (grandparents!) and children to enjoy together. (Age: 9+)

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00