Cradle Lake

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Cradle Lake

Mr. Malfi doesn’t disappoint with this horror story. In this story we are introduced to a couple Alan and Heather Hammerstun. They are going through some difficult times together in which they have experienced two miscarriages. Each time Heather miscarries, another part of her dies as well. She is at such a point in her life that she seems to be giving up. Her life is spiraling out of control quickly and her husband doesn’t know what to do to save his wife from her deep, dark depression. A strange circumstance falls upon them when Alan is gifted a quaint ranch house in North Carolina by his deceased uncle, an uncle he barely even recalls associating with. They jump at the opportunity to leave their past behind them and start anew in North Carolina. What they don’t realize is that although this may seem like a great idea for them to help heal the wounds they’re presently dealing with, the trouble that begins to arise because of the lake that is directly located behind their new house is not to be taken lightly. Alan begins to get pulled in by the odd happenings that are a result of entering the lake and he seems to become obsessed with trying to heal his wife by having her go in the lake as well. I absolutely loved this story and I enjoyed that Mr. Malfi took the Native American folklores and wrapped them around the storyline to be such an integral part of it. I loved the creepiness that surrounded the lake and I couldn’t help but be drawn to what was going to happen next. After seeing what was happening to Alan after going into the lake, I hoped that Heather didn’t give into his pleas to do the same. I even loved Jerry Lee, the Hammerstun’s dog. This is the very first novel that I’ve read by Mr. Malfi and I can assure you it won’t be my last. This author has a new fan following him now!

Alan and Heather Hammerstun have been through hell and back after suffering two miscarriages. These unfortunate circumstances have made their relationship very fragile. As if their prayers have been answered, Alan is told that he has inherited a ranch house in North Carolina by an uncle that he didn’t even associate with much throughout his life. Figuring a change of scenery is what they both need; they move and begin to settle into their new home. All doesn’t seem right though when Alan notices a dirt path behind the house that leads to a mysterious lake that the neighbors warn him not to go in. Not heeding their warnings, Alan goes in and comes out a changed person, but not for the better. What starts happening to Alan once he comes out of the lake? Does he ever convince his wife Heather to go in it?

Book Blurb for Cradle Lake

When Alan Hammerstun inherits a quaint ranch house in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, he and his wife Heather seize the opportunity to leave New York and the haunting aftermath of two miscarriages. Eager to start over in the rural North Carolina town, they hope this new beginning will be the antidote to Heather’s severe depression. For a time everything seems perfect. Too perfect, in fact. The neighbors are all young, handsome, healthy, and friendly. While surveying his new property, Alan finds a dirt path through the forest designated by stone markers carved with strange symbols, which culminates in a grassy clearing. One night Alan dreams the path ends at the foot of a lake and dives in; when he awakes gritty with lake grime and improved health and strength, he wonders if it could cure Heather’s depression and infertility as well. When the townspeople warn Alan of the lake’s powers, he must decide if the community’s secret is a nightmare or a miracle.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50