Fat Cat Spreads Out

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Fat Cat Spreads Out

A Fat Cat Mystery, #2

This cute cozy mystery combines yummy treats and entertaining animals with a murder investigation and the excitement around a fair. Quincy is quite a determined cat, although he does need his freedom to help with the investigation, lol. The book can be read as a stand-alone story, but I suspect that familiarity with the first book in the series will make it easier to understand some of the interactions in this one. I am not sure I appreciate the asides interjected intermittently by Quincy and there seem to be an awful lot of secondary characters who don’t seem to have much of a purpose but this is an entertaining light read, and it would be fun to see what other adventures Quincy manages to get involved in.

“Fat Cat Spreads Out” by Janet Cantrell is part of the ‘A Fat Cat Mystery’ series. Charity (Chase) Oliver and her partner, Anna Larson, have a booth to promote their Bar None bakery products at the local Harvest Festival but they get more than they bargained for when both Chase’s cat, Quincy, and his veterinarian, Dr. Mike Ramos, are found at a murder scene. Add in a valuable prize that is missing, Quincy’s determination to circumvent all attempts to keep him confined and on a diet, a talkative parrot, and the excitement of fair offerings and contests, and Chase almost has more than she can cope with. But just like with Quincy and closed doors…almost leaves a lot of room to maneuver, and Chase is determined to take care of those she cares about, even if it involves a little risk to life and limb.

Book Blurb for Fat Cat Spreads Out

Butterscotch tabby Quincy is back and hungrier than ever in this frisky follow-up to Fat Cat at Large…

A booth at the Bunyan County Harvest Fair seems like the perfect opportunity for Charity “Chase” Oliver and Anna Larson to promote their Bar None bakery business. Unfortunately, plus-sized pussycat Quincy has plans for their delicious dessert bars other than selling them to customers. After tearing through their inventory, Quincy goes roaming the fairgrounds in search of more delights.

But what he finds is murder. One of the top contenders in a butter-sculpting contest has been killed, and Chase is churning on the inside when she sees Quincy’s handsome veterinarian, Dr. Mike Ramos, being led away by the police. With a little help from a kitty with butter on his whiskers, Chase needs to find the real killer and clear the doctor’s good name…

Includes recipes for people and cats!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 3.75