The Heavenstone Secrets

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The Heavenstone Secrets

Heavenstone Series, Book 1

V.C. Andrews’ The Heavenstone Secrets is the chilling tale of two teenage sisters who have grown up as the darlings of their doting parents.  The announcement that a new baby is on the way shakes the foundation that the Heavenstone girls have depended on during their entire privileged lives.  Their father’s joy at having a male heir starts a cascade of events that somehow are centered around Cassie, the elder sister.  As their mother experiences problems with the pregnancy, Cassie becomes even more controlling of her younger sister Semantha and starts taking over their mother’s role but manages to tarnish Semantha’s first experiences of mutual attraction to a classmate.  A tragedy devastates the family and Cassie turns Semantha into a prisoner in her own house and embroils her in an eerie plan to continue the family name.  The manipulative Cassie continues to orchestrate events according to her personal agenda until Semantha realizes that she must act or risk losing her own identity forever.

This was a disturbing look at the gradual transformation of an apparently perfect family into a horrific caricature.  A different perspective on the trials and tribulations of a teenager trying to fit in with her peers and live up to the expectations of her apparently perfect older sister.   The action quietly gets more and more intense as apparently innocuous occurrences turn out to have sinister implications in an escalatingly creepy tale.

Book Blurb for The Heavenstone Secrets

The first in a new series from bestselling author V.C. Andrews, THE HEAVENSTONE SECRETS is a story of sibling rivalry. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.00