A Death at the Yoga Café

Keeley Carpenter

"Death at the Yoga Café" by Michelle Kelly is a combination of engaging characters and enticing intrigue!

This is the second book in the series, but it can easily read as a standalone.

Keeley’s Yoga Café is doing much better than anticipated, plus she and her smoking hot boyfriend, Ben, might be getting serious. Life is really looking up.

But, things get complicated in a hurry when, right as Keeley is gearing up for the Belfrey Art Festival, the town mayor is found stabbed to death after a heated and very public argument with his girlfriend, Raquel.

Despite being competitors, Raquel asks Keeley for help before she becomes a scapegoat for her lover’s murder.

However, Ben is adamant that Keeley let the police handle the investigation, much to her chagrin,

Will Keeley go ahead with her own investigation at the risk of losing Ben?

I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery. The characters are well drawn, the pacing is just right and the plotting is tight. The personal dramas do not overpower the mystery and crime solving, which is a common pitfall many cozies fall into. The author stays on course and keeps the guessing game going all the way to the bitter end.

As an added bonus, a few yoga poses and exercises are included between chapters and there are some yummy recipes included at the back of the book.

Overall, this is a very solid cozy and I am eagerly anticipating the next book in the series!

Book Blurb for A Death at the Yoga Café

Keeley Carpenter has found her center. After returning to Befrey, the traditional English village she called home ten years ago, she’s opened her dream yoga café, which doubles as both a yoga studio and a delicious vegetarian café. Even better, Keeley is dating handsome Detective Ben Taylor, and things are beginning to look serious.

Too bad things never seem to run smoothly for long. Eager to get involved with the local community, Keeley sets up a booth at the annual Belfrey Arts Festival, along with her nemesis, fellow small business owner Raquel. Preparing herself to play nice, she’s shocked when Raquel’s boyfriend, Town Mayor Gerald, is found dead after a public spat. Despite Ben’s strict warnings to stay out of it, Keeley isn’t going to let an innocent woman take the blame for the murder?even if it is glamorous, spoiled Raquel.

Now Keeley must balance a precarious murder investigation with the demands of her growing business and now-strained relationship. But when the killer takes a personal interest in Keeley, can she find the culprit before she gets bent out of shape? Charming and delicious, this cozy follow up to Downward Facing Death features recipes from Keeley’s café and is perfect for fans of Cleo Coyle and Laura Childs.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.00