Killer in the Kitchen

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Killer in the Kitchen

Murder, She Wrote, #43

Killer in the Kitchen is Jessica Fletcher at her finest!

A new restaurant is opening in Cabot Cove, ‘The Fin & Claw’, which is owned and operated by Brad and Marcie, who just happen to be related to one of Jessica’s oldest friends. Naturally, she wants to support them, but when the flamboyant Gerard Leboeuf, a wealthy man with shady ties to organized crime, decides to open a French Bistro in Cabot Cove, the competition is deadly…. Literally.

I love it when Jessica is back home in Cabot Cove, surrounded by her old friends, who also happen to be some of my favorite characters. In this installment, Mort Metzger is the Sheriff, which sets a slightly different tone to the story, as he is a little more laid back and forthcoming with details Jessica can use to solve the murder.

If you are a fan of the television show, then you know how beautifully the author embodies the characters in the books, giving us new crimes to solve with our favorite mystery writer… …J.B. Fletcher.

However, you do not have to be familiar with the show to enjoy these novels. Anyone who enjoys a good, clean whodunit or cozy mystery will enjoy these books.

This installment, which is the 43rd, in the series, is a real page turner! Sinister characters lurk around the fringes of the cutthroat restaurant business, highlighting the struggle owners’ face trying to open a new eating establishment. Competition in such a small community creates an uneasy tone right from the start, with some characters being their own worst enemy, making Jessica’s job harder than usual.

There are plenty of twists and turns and surprising confessions that make this mystery especially puzzling. This installment is also one of the fasted paced stories I’ve encountered in the series, perhaps because I was so deeply absorbed in the mystery, I didn’t want to put it down.

I always try to catch the latest “Murder, She Wrote” mystery, and have enjoyed every one of them, although some are better than others, which is to be expected with over forty books in the series. But, I must say, this novel is one of the really good ones!

I recommend this book to anyone who loves mysteries, but especially for cozy mystery lovers or to those who enjoy TV tie-in novels.


Book Blurb for Killer in the Kitchen

In the latest mystery in the USA Today bestselling series, there’s a battle brewing between two eateries, and Jessica Fletcher will have to get cooking to find a killer...


Jessica loves the Fin & Claw restaurant, owned by young Cabot Cove couple Brad and Marcie. The eatery is the couple’s dream come true, but it’s quickly turning into a nightmare.

Famed chef Gérard Leboeuf has decided to open his brand of bistro right next to theirs. Given the competition, the charming chef’s manner soon turns sour. Tensions rise hot and fast until they boil over, leading to a nasty confrontation between Leboeuf and Brad.

So when one chef is found with a knife planted in his chest, the other becomes the prime suspect. But there’s a long list of those who had a motive to kill in this kitchen war, and it’s up to Jessica to uncover who really added murder to the menu.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50