The Last Night at Tremore Beach

"The Last Night at Tremore Beach" is a solid debut thriller which mixes a shivery supernatural element in with a puzzling crime drama.

Peter Harper is going through both a professional and personal crisis. Needing to take some time for himself, he rents a house on Tremore Beach. Soon, he strikes up a friendship with his neighbors, Leo and Marie, and even begins seeing Judie, a young woman who works in town.

But, one night Peter is literally struck by lightning, the side effects of which seem to linger. He suffers headaches and very lucid and vivid dreams, leaving him convinced something terrible is going to happen.

To complicate matters, his children are about to join him and he worries about their wellbeing as well as his own.

Are his dreams sending him a subliminal message? Is there danger afoot, or is it all in Peter’s mind?

This is a well- crafted and imaginative thriller. Its one part psychological, one part paranormal, and one part crime thriller. The atmosphere is thick with suspense that builds slowly at first, but the intensity increases steadily as the novel progresses.

There couldn’t have been a better setting, with wild storms juxtaposed against the idealistic calm of the Irish beach. It’s the perfect place to vacation or relax away from the world, but there are also sinister goings on that cause Peter to suspect his neighbors are hiding something.

The downside is the character’s lack of depth, which prevented me from becoming emotionally attached, resulting in a muted sense of empathy for Peter. However, there is a plenty of action in the last quarter of the book to keep your mind occupied and whirling with unease.

However, the segue into the explanation for all these events is jarring and changes the tone of the novel with such jolting speed it might cause whiplash. Although the story ends with all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed, it was perhaps a tiny bit anticlimactic and wrapped up with too many pat answers, which made playing all the earlier mind games seem a little like overkill.

Still, this is a fun, fast paced thriller, entertaining enough and worth taking a look at, especially since this is a debut novel and shows the author’s potential, which I would say is very promising.

3.5 stars

Book Blurb for The Last Night at Tremore Beach

What starts out as an idyllic summer holiday on the Irish coast soon becomes a living nightmare with unpredictable consequences for a world-renowned composer and his family in this chilling psychological thriller.

Recently divorced and in the middle of a creative crisis, Peter Harper decides to take shelter on Ireland’s scenic and isolated Tremore Beach. But after he is struck by lightning one stormy night, he begins experiencing terrible headaches and strange dreams. As the line between his dreams and reality begins to blur, Peter realizes that his bizarre dreams may be a warning of horror still to come…

Gripping and impossible to put down, The Last Night at Tremore Beach is a haunting, atmospheric thriller perfect for fans of Stephen King and S.J. Watson.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 3.50