Devil's Gate

A Kane Pryce Novel

This story is gritty and intelligent. The main character, Kane, is a somewhat anti-social bad-ass with a good heart. He's one of those unexpected heroes that ends up doing what is right even at the expense of his goals and possibly his life. I found the storyline haunting, dark and intense, with a dab of hope and faith.

Kane Pryce is trying to reinvent himself and follow his dreams. He has left ghost trapping and being strange behind him. He has cut off every link to the past, even those he cares about. Now he is the lead guitarist in a rockin' band that is on the cusp of making it big. Dreams of being rich and famous are within reach but nothing is ever that simple. Before he knows it, he is sucked back into the supernatural world and things are much more impossible and terrifying than he could have imagined and he is stuck in the middle of it until the end--for good or bad.

Book Blurb for Devil's Gate

Some places are doomed to be haunted . . .

Twenty-eight-year-old Kane Pryce used to have one of the strangest jobs in the world—capturing and exorcising spirits from people’s lives. After the stress of the job finally got to him, he left ghost hunting and has been busy reinventing himself as the lead guitarist of a band on the brink of success. But it isn’t long before Kane is asked to investigate a case involving Pasadena’s infamous Suicide Bridge, and gets sucked back into the supernatural realm. A mysterious force is luring hopeless victims to their death off the bridge, and Kane must discover what power is keeping the lost souls trapped there.

As Kane uncovers the sinister, deadly secrets of the bridge, he spirals into the dangerous, shadowy world of the occult—the seedy underground world of the Hollywood music scene, tumultuous romances, and maddening journeys into the shattered minds of suicide victims. With the Soul Trap as his only defense, Kane must combat evil supernatural forces on a spiritual battlefield, a place between life and death, where the fate of his own soul hangs in the balance.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50