The Memory of Water

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The Memory of Water

This is a fast paced, suspenseful, psychological thriller. The reader is kept guessing throughout the story until the very end. The characters, especially the main protagonist, were severely flawed but likeable all the same. The author’s voice is darkly humorous and unique. As the reader delves into the story they find that Slade, though selfish and self-serving, is a good person at heart and will do what is right when given the choice. This reader enjoyed how Slade grew and changed as the plot thickened. Overall, this story was a good dramatic mystery.

Slade Harris is stuck for the first time in his life. His writing has hit a terrible dry spell and he cannot seem to find his way out. Always the type of person to take extreme risks for the sake of creative inspiration, he find himself embroiled in a life and death situation that he might not survive this time. If he makes it out alive, he will be a changed man.

Book Blurb for The Memory of Water

Slade Harris will do anything for a story and now he is desperate and going under. He doesn’t think twice about jumping out of a plane or conducting disastrous love affairs to gather material. But his self-indulgent life is catching up with him: stumbling through his late thirties hopeless and a little drunk, his agent after him like a particularly stubborn rash, waiting for his next money-spinning Work of Genius, which is a year overdue and which Slade has not yet started. To celebrate his dismal situation – Everest-like debt; unrequited love; a fear of turning into his sad, shuffling father and the severest case of writer’s block ever experienced by man – Slade has a dazzling, dangerous idea, born of a febrile mind, frustration and outrage, which sets off events that will change his life forever. It’s going to be Slade’s ultimate story, and all he’s hoping for is to survive it.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50