A Hoe Lot of Trouble

A Nina Quinn Mystery

Nina Quinn is a good woman, with a kind heart. But that heart is in pieces when she finds out her police officer husband, Kevin is having an affair with his partner, Ginger. On top of this her stepson, Riley, her husband’s son from a previous marriage, is getting into some trouble, trouble that could be really dangerous!

The one bright spot in Nina’s world is her business, Taken By Surprise, which specializes in surprise landscaping makeovers. TBS has really starting booming and that is great for Nina as work takes her mind off of her troubles. Then some trouble starts brewing at TBS, when some company equipment comes up missing. Will Nina be able to find out who is behind these company thefts?

Then Nina finds out her old gardening mentor, Joe has died, or was he really murdered? Nina decides to try and find out who is behind Joe’s death and all the trouble his family has been having lately, when she stumbles head first into a tangled bush of lies and deceit. Will Nina be able to find out who the killer is before she winds up fertilizer?   

Heather Webber has given us a magnificent mystery with lots of twists and turns along the way! She will have you guessing who the true killer is all the way to end of this amazing book!

“A Hoe Lot of Trouble” is a spectacular story that keeps you glued to the edge of your seat the whole time and makes you wish you could turn the pages of this brilliant book a million times faster! I am truly intrigued to see what life has in store for Nina Quinn in the future! Heather Webber’s next book in (A Nina Quinn Mystery series) is “Trouble in Spades” and is out now. “Truly, Madly” the first book in Heather Webber’s (A Lucy Valentine series) which is a paranormal romance comes out in February 2010; I cannot wait to pick that one up as well!!

Book Blurb for A Hoe Lot of Trouble

Meet Nina Quinn, garden landscaper extraordinaire and very amateur sleuth, in this charming cosy series that is perfect for fans of Carolyn Hart.

Nina Quinn has had enough of her cheating cop husband. His affair with his partner has driven her close to the edge--and him out of their home. Nina, the owner of Taken By Surprise, a landscaping business that specializes in surprise garden makeovers, already has too much on her plate--her delinquent stepson has let his pet snake loose in the house, and her nosy mother won’t stop pestering her to get her bridesmaid’s dress fitted for her sister’s upcoming nuptials. But it’s the strange disappearance of gardening tools--including a very expensive set of hoes--that really throws a wrench in things. And when she gets a call that her oldest friend’s father-in-law, a beloved old man who introduced her to landscaping, has been murdered, Nina knows that it’s time to start digging for clues to the frustrating, mysterious, and downright evil things that have disturbed her peaceful Ohio hometown.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 5.00