A Killer Read

Ashton Corners Book Club, #1

Lizzie Turner is a very down to earth woman. She loves living in her hometown of Ashton Corners, Alabama, where she has lots of friends, her Siamese cats – Edam and Brie, and is active and passionate about singing in her community choir. Lizzie loves her job as a reading specialist for the local school system. She is also a tutor for the town’s literacy program and a member of a newly formed book club.

At the first meeting of Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society, that is held in the home of Lizzie’s friend, Molly Mathews, a stranger appears. He is later found in is car, shot dead, outside of Molly’s house. He was killed with an antique gun that belonged to Molly’s late husband, Claydon. No one knows who he was or what he was doing at Molly’s home.

Now, Molly is the prime suspect in the stranger’s murder. Lizzie will do whatever she can to help her friend, even investigating the murder, despite warnings from the new police chief, Mark Dreyfus, her old high school crush. On top of all of this, Lizzie is trying to figure out why someone is leaving manuscript chapters in her mail box, late at night. Could they be connected to the murder or just from one of her students wanting help anonymously?

“A Killer Read” is filled with wonderful Southern charm, grace and delightful people! Whom you will want to join on warm, sunny front porch and get to know, while drinking a tall glass sweet ice tea! It is well–written, action–filled and will have you reading faster and faster as you try and solve the murder with Lizzie and her friends!

Erika Chase has written a delectable debut for her new Ashton Corners Book Club Mystery series! You will want to pick up books 2 through 4 in the series, which are out now. So, you can catch up with members of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society, and see what new adventures they have found in lovely Ashton Corners!

Book Blurb for A Killer Read

For the first meeting of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straws Society, six friends gather in Molly Matthews's old Southern mansion-including Lizzie Turner, a reading specialist with a penchant for mysteries. But the mystery book club meeting becomes the scene of an actual murder when a stranger is shot-and nobody knows who the victim is, or how Molly' antique gun came to be used as the murder weapon.

Then Lizzie begins finding mysterious manuscript chapters in her mailbox. As she and the book club members try to read between the lines, Molly surfaces as the next name on the killer's list...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50