A Veiled Deception

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A Veiled Deception

1st Vintage Magic Mystery

Madeira Cutler “Maddie” is a hip New York fashion designer who loves clothing, especially vintage. She is also like a mother to her sisters and brother since their mother’s death when they were quite young. So, when her father asked her to come home to help deal with her baby sister Sherry’s wedding and with the “Jezebel” trying to destroy it, Maddie is on her way back home ASAP! Back home to Mystick Falls, Connecticut with her best friend Eve Meyers. Eve has decided leave New York and move back home to Mystick Falls to teach at the local college, so if Maddie goes back to New York she will be going back to an empty apartment something she is not looking forward too at all!

When Maddie and Eve arrive at Maddie’s childhood home they find Sherry’s and her fiancé Justin Vancortland’s engagement party in full swing. There is so much tension in the room you could cut it with a knife. Maddie learns that Justin’s mother Deborah is treating Justin’s old girlfriend, Jasmine Updike, like she is Justin’s bride-to-be instead of Sherry. Plus, Deborah is going to make a big deal out of presenting the Vancortland wedding gown, (worn by all the Vancortland brides) to Sherry in hopes it will make Sherry mad that she is picking out what Sherry will wear to her own wedding and that will cause a fight between Justin and Sherry.

But, before Maddie can find a solution to all of these problems, an even bigger one arises when Jasmine Updike is strangled to death with Sherry’s vintage wedding veil, right there at the engagement party and now Sherry is the prime murder suspect. Can Maddie find out who the real killer is in time to see Sherry walk down the aisle a free woman? Or will she be a bride in handcuffs?

Along with all the drama from the wedding and a murder to solve Maddie has some personal problems of her own that need fixing. Being home close to her family and Nick her on and off again boyfriend sure feels good to her. Should she stay in Mystick Falls for good and open up her own vintage clothing store? Plus, maybe Aunt Fiona can help her figure out the visions she has been having since coming back home and touching the Vancortland wedding dress. Maddie’s visions are of another bride from long ago, what secrets does the dress hold and can these past secrets help her solve the murder in the here and now?

Annette Blair has given us a very special mystery with “A Veiled Deception” her first in A Vintage Magic Mystery Series! There are plenty of chills and lots of humor along the way as you try and solve the mystery with Maddie and her friends. Maddie is a woman whom you will come to love as she will do anything for her family and friends!

You will meet some very interesting people as you travel along with Maddie and the two Mrs. Sweets are a favorite of mine along with Dante. If you are looking for a great mystery with some paranormal elements to it and a little romance, you have all that and more with “A Veiled Deception”! Annette Blair is a great storyteller and has her own brand of magic for mysteries! I am looking forward to reading her second book in A Vintage Magic Mystery Series “Larceny and Lace” which is out now!

Reviewer, Janean Sparks

Book Blurb for A Veiled Deception

A fun new mystery series from the author of Gone with the Witch.

The right dress can be magic; the wrong one—murder! From the national bestselling author of Sensation's Witch series comes the new Vintage Magic mystery series, featuring Madeira Cutler. While opening her own vintage clothing shop, Maddie must clear her family's name when her sister's wedding festivities hit a snag: murder.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50