Death, Taxes, and a Chocolate Cannoli

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Death, Taxes, and a Chocolate Cannoli

A Tara Holloway Novel, #9

Too Yummy for words! Diane Kelly spins her story along ensnaring readers as the story grows. Tara Holloway once again gets her man! (Or should I say, men?) Ms. Kelly does an outstanding job in descriptions of scenery and her characters will dazzle readers with their zany antics. Which is great as this is an arch novel in a series, and while others have a difficult time coming up with new scenarios or different characterizations, Ms. Kelly does an excellent job keeping the storyline and its' characters fresh with each new story.

When Ms. Kelly cooks her story of IRS agent Tara Holloway going undercover as a waitress at a suspected eatery, the delectable dessert dish of chocolate cannoli takes Tara's attention to the front row. Tara and her crew focus their attention on a local crime boss whose legal job is owning a security business. But Tara's crew is more focused on the behind the scenes "security" this guy employs to gain some cash not listed on his taxes.

This story of ill-gotten and non-reported gains is the kind to make a reader chuckle all the way to the end. It had great details, funny scenarios and predicaments only Tara can get herself into. Excellent characterizations also kept this novel moving all the way to the end. In fact, I hope to read more about some of these characters in another book in this series. About the only problem I had with this novel was this time Ms. Kelly did not provide a recipe for chocolate cannoli. So dig in to this story, I guarantee the chocolate cannoli are calorie free!

Book Blurb for Death, Taxes, and a Chocolate Cannoli


IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway has risked her life to take down drug cartels and other dangerous tax frauds. But going after the mob is one offer she can't refuse...

He's no Tony Soprano. Still, local crime boss Giustino "Tino" Fabrizio is one shady character that Tara would love to see behind bars. He operates a security business-or so he claims on his tax forms-but his clients don't feel so secure when it's time to pay up. Problem is, no one can get close enough to nail this wiseguy for extortion. No one, that is, except Tara...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50