Murder Has a Sweet Tooth

A Cooking Class Mystery, #5

Murder has a Sweet Tooth was a good book. I like the premise a lot. Ms. Bliss's renditions of horror tales on cooking rival mine (a lot). However, there is one minor piece she is missing in the retelling of these cooking mishaps: the clean up/or saving-grace techniques which also make a point (i.e. how to make lemon cookies, meringues, omelettes, or anything else from lemons, broken eggs, etc.). My motto in the kitchen is "I have two mops: one for the floor, and one for the ceiling/cupboards" as this makes clean ups more efficient.

I admit I was able to relate to the character for the crummy people in her life (exs, suspects, Tyler), the great cheering section she has in her corner (Eve and Jim), and how to deal with both kinds of people. Also, the character displays great decision-making skills (especially when it came to sleuthing). As for the murder-spuspense issues: they were greatly thoughtout and kept the plot going.

So, here are some minor issues I feel compelled to explain my rating for this book: basically this is a light-heared comedy piece of fluff. Nothing is wrong with that; however, if you were expecting a serious romp with Sherlock Holmes, then go buy Ellery Queen or Agatha Christie. I laughed a lot through out this book from the disasters in the kitchen to her wedding and of course the murder.  While the murder is supposed to play a large part in this book, it kept getting pushed aside for her kitchen nightmares, rescues, and of course her wedding plans. I loved this chaotic story (which is very on target for a bride-to-be). The other minor issue I had, I kept expecting really sweet concoction messes, not Pita bread and olive oil issues, or all those other appetizers. I liked the recipes at the end, but I really wanted something sweet during/at the end of the book. Oh well, perhaps next time. . .

Book Blurb for Murder Has a Sweet Tooth

Annie Capshaw has found that the way to a man's heart is through his cooking class. But just as she and her best friend, Eve, are planning Annie's big day with Jim, her former cooking instructor turned boss, murder takes the cake. Make that the wedding cake...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.75