Revenge of the Chili Queens

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Revenge of the Chili Queens

A Chili Cook-off Mystery, #3

There is a lot going on in "Revenge of the Chili Queens" besides the heat! Kylie Logan serves up one hot novel set in San Antonio, Texas in July! Not only is the action spicy, but Ms. Logan anticipates the heat by creating wonderful characters in (at times) comedic subplots deigned to rev up anyone's appetite. She tantalizes readers by the possibility of finding out what happened to Maxie and Sylvia's dad in this deadly game of Chili Queens.

Maxie and Sylvia are busy selling chili at the San Antonio Chili Showdown while looking for their missing father. During that time, Maxie discovers a dead body of a fake guitarist. The main suspect is their friend, Nick Falcone, head of security for the Chili Showdown who has a past with the fake guitarist. Now Maxie is busy looking for answers while she's running around in the Chili Chick costume trying to prove Nick's innocence.

One of the best parts about this novel includes the descriptions Ms. Logan provides of the various Chili Queen interactions (loved the one in the RV), the indescribable calling of a chili cook-off beauty queen as well those talented chefs working up a sweat in a kitchen on a hot, humid weekend. This author is as deadly in murder as she is in her descriptive passages. So if you enjoy the murders and crave chili with spicy hot peppers, take a look into the makings of chili this side north of the border in the recipe in back, you won't be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Revenge of the Chili Queens

The author of Death by Devil’s Breath takes the chili cook-off circuit to southern Texas to prove that revenge is a dish best served hot . . .

Everyone in San Antonio remembers the Alamo, but how many remember the Chili Queens? Back in the early twentieth century, these spicy señoras sold their lip-smacking chili in plazas all around the city. Now, as part of the Chili Showdown, Maxie and her half-sister, Sylvia, are dressing up as the Chili Queens to raise money for charity.

But someone wasn’t feeling too charitable toward a local troubadour, who is murdered at the fundraiser. When their friend Nick Falcone, head of security for the Showdown, actually becomes the prime suspect, it’s up to Maxie and Sylvia to turn the heat up on a killer, who’s planning a chili reception for them . . .


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00