The Art of Murder

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The Art of Murder

Dead-End Job Mystery, #14

This is a series book, but it doesn't feel like one, especially with the end summary. There was good characterization and use of surprise elements. Every action has consequences and counter-consequences. Lots of good humor follows this book (i.e. the punishments fit the crimes in this novel!).

Helen Hawthorne and her friends are back with another unexpected murder mystery. Helen and Margery (her friend) tour a house and discover a painting class in progress. Each are invited to join. They are very impressed with a bohemian-style up-and-coming artist, Annabel, and hope to see more of her work. Sadly, that was their only chance as she collapsed outside the class in the parking area. She died in the hospital, and it was murder.

This time the murder weapon was poison! Helen is engaged to find the killer (though the classmate who hired her thinks it was the ex who did it). While Helen is off being a painting student undercover detective, her hubby, Phil, is working on the case of a gold thief. No one knows who is going to solve their case first. Helen takes a few moments at the memorial for Annabel to look for the artwork, until the widower announces he's had all her new art destroyed when he had her cremated. Now Helen needs to look at all the possibilities to figure out who killed Annabel.

A great story to the end. This is a great book to take on vacation or to a soak. It was beautifully done all the way to the end. Loved those comments about what happened later to these folks. The gold thief was a great side story too. Two separate yet equally entertaining nefarious plots in one book, such a deal! Can't wait for the next one.

Book Blurb for The Art of Murder

From the national bestselling author of Checked Out, Helen Hawthorne must pose as a painter at Fort Lauderdale’s famous Bonnet House Museum to catch an artful killer . . .

The art world is a happening place—but a brush with death shouldn’t be in the picture. Unfortunately that’s just what happens to Helen Hawthorne and her friend Margery. While touring gorgeous Bonnet House, a mansion-turned-museum, they observe a painting class and note an up-and-coming artist. When they later see her deadly end, Helen is hired to canvas the crime scene—undercover, of course.

Sketchy suspects lurk in the victim’s bohemian past. Was the promising painter killed by her jealous husband? Her best friend? A rival using her artful wiles? With her husband Phil busy setting a trap for a gold thief, it’s up to Helen to paint this killer into a corner . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.00