The Marsh Madness

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The Marsh Madness

A Book Collector Mystery, #4

Highly entertaining, extremely theatrical, never a deadly bore, this novel will overkill any objections to letting the police handle a crime in Harrison Falls! Ms. Abbot does an outstanding job creating a suspenseful novel where murder is on everyone's minds. This is a well-developed series complete with an array of characters and a runaway plot. Never has buying books been so convoluted or involved in a frame-up job like The Marsh Madness!

Jordan Kelly works for Vera Van Alst maintaining and adding to Vera's book collection of classic detectives as warranted. Jordan does her best to keep abreast of sales, and when a special invitation to buy some first editions by Ngaio Marsh from Chadwick Kauffman arrives, Vera and Jordan jump at the chance to visit the Kauffman's estate: Summerlea.

Sadly, by buying those novels, Jordan and Vera discover their lives are forever changed. Vera, Uncle Kev, and Jordan arrive for lunch and within twenty-four hours, discover they are the main suspects in a murder. With Jordan in their sights, the police fail to realize they are being set up, and it takes Jordan running around to find the clues to discover who the murderer is and why Vera, Uncle Kev, and Jordan were framed.

Such a marvelous time was had reading this novel! The plot seems simple, but the complexities arise when the characters' foibles are exposed and used to their advantage. A lot of action is involved which keeps this story well-paced making it difficult for a reader to step away. Ms. Abbot does an excellent job exploring how some people get trapped into criminal actions, while others are able to walk away. If you love this series, take heart, there is another novel in this series, The Hammett Hex, on the way.

Book Blurb for The Marsh Madness

The national bestselling author of The Wolfe Widow presents another spine-tingling mystery featuring rare book collector Jordan Bingham and some Ngaio Marsh first editions worth killing for…

Jordan works hard to improve Vera Van Alst’s collection of classic detective stories. So when Chadwick Kauffman—heir to the Kauffman fortune—offers a very good price on a fine collection of Ngaio Marsh first editions owned by his recently deceased stepfather, she is thrilled to meet with him at his fabled summer estate, Summerlea.

The next day, Jordan and Vera are shocked to read that Chadwick has died in a fall from the grand staircase at Summerlea. But when the picture in the paper is of a different man, it becomes clear that the ladies are victims of a scam. And they’ll have to unmask the imposter fast, because someone is trying to frame them for murder…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50