CATalyst for Clues

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CATalyst for Clues

A Klepto Cat Mystery Book 25

"Catalyst for Clues " is book 25 in the Klepto Cat Series. Between the pages you get a cozy mystery filled with cats and mystery. When Savannah receives a ransom note all hands (paws) are on deck to solve this crime. Is Brianna being held for ransom or is it something else? Well all your answers will be answered in this book.

Patricia Fry is a new author to me. Her cozy mystery is filled with great characters trying to solve a mystery. In this one Rags the cat is the main character and his human family are just secondary characters. It's Rags who finds a clue in the beginning, which leads to finding Brianna. She had been kidnapped from the airport in a get rich ploy. There's also lots of other things going on in the family as the family comes together to find one of their own and a happy ending.

If you're a cat lover and cozy mystery fan, this is a fun book. For new to this series readers, give it some time getting started. You will soon have all the characters together. For fans of this series, read it and find out what Rags is up to next.

Book Blurb for CATalyst for Clues

Rags breaks all the rules and unravels a tantalizing mystery.

When Savannah receives a ransom note, she teams up with Detective Craig Sledge to discover who's holding her sister, Brianna. But Rags, the Klepto Cat, becomes the catalyst in finding her. You’ll delight at his covert strategy and intricate undercover work, as he misbehaves his way to another successful outcome.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 3.25