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This new legal/mystery/thriller will stop the readers in their tracks. I'm sure that in many thrillers written about the power of politics in Washington are somewhat the same but, in "Discretion" the action starts on the first page and doesn't really stop until the last. This is an eye-opener that will tell of the secrets and lies of the world of power in Washington, DC

One evening, in Washington, DC, a lovely young woman walks up the steps of the Capitol Building, telling the guards that she has an appointment with a Congressman. A few minutes later, she is seen, falling over the balcony of a Congressman's office. Assistant US Attorney, Anna Curtis is summoned by her boss in the sex-crimes division to help handle the case. Anna finds out that the victim is a paid escort and the main suspect, the Congressman, is the District of Columbia's Delegate to Congress, the District's most powerful elected official. Anna realizes that this case could make or break her career.

Anna is having a serious romance at the moment with Jack Bailey, the chief homicide prosecutor and the relationship is at a stand still, as far as Anna is concerned. Jack is a widower and has a young daughter who isn't very fond of Anna and Anna doesn't want to ruin her reputation and lose respect in the office if it gets out that she is in a relationship with the boss. Working on this very important case will probably expose their relationship or destroy it before the culprit is caught.

During her investigation, Anna finds out about "Discretion," a very expensive, high-end escort service that services Washington's elite. A multitude of problems with said service, turns the case upside down and brings many more suspects into the view of the authorities. Along with Discretion, Anna comes upon a secret social club where the powerful men of the government escape from the public all the way to the "track" where Washington's women of the evening work the streets.

Believe me, when I say that you will hang on every word. This book is fabulously written with many surprises in store. Give yourself up to this book and make it an one-day read. You won't be sorry!!

Book Blurb for Discretion

From the “female John Grisham” (The Providence Journal)—a new legal thriller exploring the intersection of sex and power in Washington, D.C.’s most secretive worlds.

When a beautiful young woman plummets to her death from the balcony of the U.S. Capitol, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anna Curtis is summoned to help handle the high-profile case. Anna is teamed with brash FBI Special Agent Samantha Randazzo and they discover that the victim is one of the city’s highest-paid escorts, and the suspect is the District’s most powerful elected official. This case could make Anna’s career—or ruin it.

At the same time, Anna’s budding romance with Jack Bailey, the chief homicide prosecutor, is at a crossroads. Determined to gain respect in the office, Anna prefers to keep their relationship under wraps. The scrutiny that comes with the office’s most important case will inevitably expose their relationship, if it doesn’t destroy it first.

The investigation leads Anna to Discretion, a high-end escort service that caters to D.C.’s elite. When a series of shocking developments turn the case upside down, Anna and Samantha must race to find Discretion’s remaining escorts before they become the next victims.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.50