Goody Goody Gunshots

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Goody Goody Gunshots

Candy Shop Series, #4

This book is advertised as a Candy Shop Mystery and the back of the book has candy recipes included.  So, I had to read it.  I really love mysteries and CANDY!!

Abby Shaw has moved to the town of Paradise in the Colorado Rockies to run Divinity, a candy store that she inherited from her late Aunt Grace.  When Aunt Grace passed, Abby left her job in the corporate world and also her cheater of an ex-husband and moved to Paradise to run the shop and be near her doctor brother and his family.

On the way home from taking her nephews to a basketball game she sees a person shot on the highway and is sure that she has seen a murder take place.  She goes immediately to get her brother and to call the police and when they arrive at the place of the attack there is no body.  Some days later a body does turn up but the witnesses are not convinced that Abby saw what she saw and, Abby is bound to find out what actually happened and that she wasn't seeing things.  In the meantime, she's trying to get her shop off the ground, breaking in a new employee and helping out her nephew's basketball team as an assistant coach under the direction of the coach, who could care less about her and her interest in the mystery of the disappearing and reappearing body.

A very good mystery taking you up to the last page before you find out who is responsible.  A lot of talk about candy that will make your mouth water and a book full of great characters that you will love and hate alike.  I recommend this book to any mystery reader, puzzle solver and candy lover.

Book Blurb for Goody Goody Gunshots

Candy shop owner Abby Shaw finds herself in a sticky situation trying to convince the police she’s seen a murder—when there’s no body. But finding out she’s right puts her on the wrong side of a killer.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50