Inherit the Dead

This mystery is certainly worth reading but the concept is a bit difficult to understand as each chapter is written by a different, very talented crime writer. To this reader it was a bit of a mix-up as the writers all have their own style and sometimes it does not work so well with the previous writer or the one who comes after.

Inherit the Dead is a good story. The main character is Pericles “Perry" Christo, now a private detective who was once a homicide detective with the NYPD. Perry lost his job and his marriage ended during a corruption scandal that he was involved in. Now that he is a PI he has had a long struggle to redeem himself.

Perry gets a job looking for the missing daughter of a wealthy woman, living in a penthouse on the Upper East Side of New York. He takes the case on as he thinks it will be a slam dunk and he will have solved it quickly, thinking it’s just a little dust-up between mother and daughter. As Perry starts his investigation into the disappearance of daughter, Angelina, he finds that there is much more to this than meets the eye. “Angel’s” father, best friend and boyfriend all have their own plans for her as Perry goes from the Hampton beaches to the streets of the city and back again. Nothing is as it seems to be and everybody has something to hide.

Inherit the Dead is a good but not great collaboration using twenty of the most read mystery and thriller writers each writing a chapter of the book and making it their own, sometimes this works and sometimes not as each writer has a very distinctive style. The beginning was a little slow but as the book came to its surprising end, it really got much better. For mystery/thriller readers it would be an extremely interesting one-day read.

Book Blurb for Inherit the Dead

Twenty thrilling writers. One chilling mystery.

Pericles “Perry” Christo is a P.I. with a past. A one-time NYPD homicide cop, Perry has been struggling since he lost his badge, and his marriage, in a notorious corruption scandal. So when wealthy Upper East Side matron Julia Drusilla calls him one cold February night, he jumps at the chance to work what seems to be a straightforward (and lucrative) case. Julia needs Perry to track down the whereabouts of her beautiful yet aimless daughter, Angelina, who is about to become a very wealthy young heiress.

But as Perry digs deeper, he discovers there’s much more to the story of the lovely “Angel.” Her father, her best friend, her boyfriend—they all have agendas of their own. This classic noir tale twists and turns down New York's mean streets and around Hamptons’ beaches and back roads, during a bitterly cold and gray winter where nothing is as it seems and everyone has something to hide.

Told in the same “serial novel” format that made 2011’s No Rest for the Dead such a commercial and critical success, Inherit the Dead is a collaboration among twenty of today’s bestselling mystery and thriller authors—each taking a chapter of the narrative and infusing it with their signature style. The editor, Jonathan Santlofer, has arranged to donate any royalties in excess of editor and contributor compensation to Safe Horizon, a leading provider of services to victims of violence and abuse, making this a worthy—and winning—accomplishment that showcases today’s finest writers at their very best.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00