Into the Darkness

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Into the Darkness

A real page-turner with a lot of twists and turns along with a super surprise ending. Even seasoned mystery/suspense readers will be amazed at the conclusion.

The heroine of this story is Meg Venturi. She inherits, from her grandfather, an antique jewelry business. Her new partner is, A.L. Riley, an oddly silent and also oddly handsome man, whom Meg's grandfather hired to help run his business. This man has also gotten the citizens of the small Connecticut town where the jewelry store is located into a frenzy thinking that Mr. Riley is responsible for the death of Meg's grandfather, Dan Mignot. Grandfather Dan came from an immigrant family and, as some people think, has made up a past life that includes some of the most famous jewelers of all time. For example: telling the story that the owner of Tiffany's came upon him when he was a boy looking through the windows of Tiffany's store and giving him a job sweeping the offices. Also, saying that he saved the life of a Rockefeller or Rothschild during the First World War He started his own business on a shoestring and was very knowledgeable about precious stones. He married into a wealthy family and fathered two daughters. No one ever called him out on his stories because he was very personable and people liked him very much. Meg is his favorite and he leaves a half interest in his business to her. Then secrets start to come out concerning Meg's family and a very dark legacy being handed down from Grandfather to Granddaughter.

There are many interesting characters including of course: Meg and A.L. Riley; Uncle George, who was married to Meg's aunt; Cliff, who is Uncle George's son by a previous marriage; Grandmother Mary, who has inherited most of the fortune of her deceased husband and a great housekeeper, Frances, who goes from being the family servant and calling everyone "Dearie", Mrs. Danvers of Rebecca fame and, you know what kind of servant she was. You get a wonderful cast and Barbara Michaels at her best. I really enjoyed the book and was completely surprised at the ending. ...And you will be too!!

Book Blurb for Into the Darkness

Meg Venturi never expected the windfall she inherits when her grandfather dies. For some unknown reason the eccentric old millionaire has left her his profitable antique jewelry business. But there is a catch. Meg must share the business with an aloof, mysterious, and somewhat sinister young man called A. L. Riley. The town is whispering about her enigmatic new partner. Rumors spread about unspoken secrets, a dark and disturbing legacy . . . and murder. Soon a series of troubling events has Meg looking uncomfortably over her shoulder. The longer she stays in this tiny New England village the clearer two very troubling truths become: that all that glitters is definitely not gold . . . and that someone will stop at nothing to drive her away.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00