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An extremely exciting book that tells the story of a code hidden inside an old manuscript (and by old, I mean centuries old.) This code is the one thing that can save the United States from a horrific ending.

Dr. Oliver Webb, a very able physicist, is hurried away from a very distant Scottish mountain by a helicopter belonging to the military. He is taken to the Mexican border. With other leading physicists Dr. Webb is presented with an unusual job: to identify an asteroid (codename Nemesis) that is on its way to the United States and is on a course to hit and destroy America. These special scientists have a week to stop it and if that doesn't happen, the President will call on the military to destroy the asteroid with a nuclear weapon. Unfortunately, one of the physicists is found dead and it is found that Nemesis is more of a danger than was first expected. Dr. Webb discovers that the secret to saving the globe is hidden in an ancient Latin manuscript that is now missing.

This is really a truly remarkable novel filled with ancient history and modern warfare and weapons. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Nemesis and certainly will seek out other Napier books. There have been countless books on the ways to destroy the world but, this one rings true. A great story that will keep you on the edge of your chair for many an hour. 

Book Blurb for Nemesis


From a remote Scottish mountain, Dr. Oliver Webb—one of the world’s great physicists—is whisked away by a military helicopter and routed to the Mexican border. Along with the leading men of physics and one sexy atom smasher, Webb is given an impossible task: identify the asteroid—codename Nemesis—that is on course to collide with and destroy America. They have five days to stop it. If they can’t, the President will retaliate first by ordering the U.S. military to pull the nuclear trigger...


But when one of Webb’s colleagues is found dead, he has every reason to suspect that there is more to Nemesis than he knows. Then, he makes a staggering discovery: That the secret to saving the world is hidden in a 17th Latin century manuscript that has gone mysteriously missing.


An electrifying race against time, NEMESIS spans centuries and the globe in a white hot journey through physics, history, and geopolitics—and mankind’s ultimate duel with the unknown.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.75