Serpent's Tooth

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Serpent's Tooth

Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus Series #10

A very interesting thriller featuring Lt. Peter Decker and his wife Rina Lazarus, two of Faye Kellerman's most interesting characters. This is a Kellerman original with very carefully thought out relationships, much action and an outstanding plot line.

To start out, a man walks into Estelle's, a popular restaurant in Los Angeles. This man is a former employee of the establishment with a grudge against the proprietor. He is carrying an automatic weapon and when he is through, thirteen people are dead and thirty-two more are wounded. Among the dead, is the shooter. It is an outrageously evil crime and Lt. Decker remarks that "It looks like your worst nightmare."

Even though eyewitnesses saw only the one shooter, who apparently shot himself after he sprayed bullets all around the restaurant, evidence gathered by Lt. Decker and his staff show that there might have been a second shooter as they find many bullets that can't be accounted for in the massacre. This evidence sends Lt. Decker into the world of the rich and famous and shows how much money and power can threaten good police work. Lt. Decker risks his reputation and his career trying to solve these heinous murders and bring justice to the innocent families who have lost their loved ones.

This book is a real shocker. I've read many of Kellerman's books and I think this is the bloodiest that I've seen. It is a page-turner for sure and the writing is first class as is usual for this author. It's not my favorite of hers but it certainly is readable and many readers will commiserate with the victims' families. I can recommend this to all mystery readers, especially those who like the seamier side of life in the fast lane.

Book Blurb for Serpent's Tooth

A man walks into a trendy Los Angeles restaurant — a disgruntled ex-employee with an automatic weapon — and seconds later, thirteen people are dead and thirty-two more have been wounded. It is a heinous act of mass slaughter that haunts Homicide Detective Peter Decker.

But, though eyewitnesses saw only the lone gunman — who apparently took his own life after his bloody work was done — evidence suggests more than one weapon was fired. It is a disturbing inconsistency that sends Decker racing headlong into a sordid, labyrinthine world of Southern California money and power, on an investigation that threatens to destroy his reputation and his career.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50