Snake in the Glass

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Snake in the Glass

A Glassblowing Mystery

A really good read set in the State of Arizona.  This book, in the Glassblowing series, concentrates mostly on gem stones and how they are treated to bring out the colors in the stones with a little mystery included.

The main character, glassblower Emmeline "Em" Dowell, has settled with many talented artists in Tucson's Warehouse District.  She teaches her craft of glassblowing and selling her many projects.  And, of course, helping to solve an occasional murder that comes her way.

A newcomer to the area arrives at Em's shop, SHADES, one day and asks to use her kiln to experiment with a new gem treatment.  She is a little hesitant at first but, after all, there is the annual Gem and Mineral Show in town and almost everyone is preoccupied with it at the moment so she lets him go ahead.  Also, Em's brother Cameron has come up missing and a dead body which was found in the desert is somehow connected to Em's brother and the newcomer.  So, Em being Em, decides to nose into the case.  Her investigation takes her to the Arizona desert and a nearby Indian Reservation.  In the meantime, her policeman boyfriend searches for ways to identify the body and the stranger who showed up at the glassblowing studio.

I've not read the other books in this series but, this book was really interesting.  There are lines at the beginning of each chapter telling about the various gem stones and what is accomplished using heat to bring out the beautiful colors contained inside the stone.  The mystery is a real page turner and you will be happy with it.  Also, there is an education of gem stones and what fascinates the public about them.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have always been intrigued by gem stones so, I was a happy reader and am looking for more glassblowing mysteries.

Book Blurb for Snake in the Glass

A nervous stranger begs to use Emmeline Dowell's kiln for an experimental gem treatment. It doesn't seem like something to be alarmed about-until a dead body found in the desert turns out to be a close friend of the stranger.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00