Supreme Justice

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Supreme Justice

Supreme Justice is written by the author who can take a story, fact and/or fiction and turn it into a suspense/thriller that will live on in reader’s minds for all time. This particular gem is about former secret service agent, Joseph Reeder. Agent Reeder was considered a hero when he saved the President of the US from certain death by taking a bullet for his Commander-in-Chief. But, that’s not all. It seems that Reeder was doing his job but, was not really crazy about the President he saved and didn’t mind being very outspoken on his views. So, he became a former agent of the Secret Service and opened his own business of investigating crimes against persons. At the beginning of this story a Supreme Court Justice is killed and a Presidential task force is formed to solve the murder. The former agent is asked to join the task force by an old friend, FBI Agent Sloan. Reeder seems to have the ability of reading body language and can seem to understand what is in people’s minds by just listening to them talk and observing their demeanor when they do. This is a terrific book about the inner workings of the Judicial part of government and also how the Executive Branch can work around getting the Court filled with Justices of the same likes and dislikes for instance; conservative vs. liberal. This story is a real eye-opener and a welcome change back to the real world.

Book Blurb for Supreme Justice

After taking a bullet for his commander-in-chief, Secret Service agent Joseph Reeder is a hero. But his outspoken criticism of the president he saved—who had stacked the Supreme Court with hard-right justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, amp up the Patriot Act, and shred the First Amendment—put Reeder at odds with the Service’s apolitical nature, making him an outcast.

FBI agent Patti Rogers finds herself paired with the unpopular former agent on a task force investigating the killing of Supreme Court Justice Henry Venter. Reeder—nicknamed “Peep” for his unparalleled skills at reading body language—makes a startling discovery while reviewing a security tape: the shooting was premeditated, not a botched robbery. Even more chilling, the controversial Venter may not be the only justice targeted for death...

Is a mastermind mounting an unprecedented judicial coup aimed at replacing ultra-conservative justices with a new liberal majority? To crack the conspiracy and save the lives of not just the justices but also Reeder’s own family, rising star Rogers and legendary investigator Reeder must push their skills—and themselves—to the limit.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50