A Stacy Justice Mystery, #2

With the granting of a wish Stacy made when she was six years old, she now has a baby sister. Fourteen year old Ivy arrives to tell her their mother is in trouble and she needs her help. Oh and by the way she doesn't want Stacy to tell their grandmother about her. Not totally trusting that Ivy is telling the truth, or at least not the whole truth, Stacy wonders what Ivy knows of their family history. All the Geraghty females are born with a particular talent that grows with time and practice. Stacy's talent is communicating with the dead. If Ivy is truly of the Geraghty line, a line that dates back to the Druids of Kildare, Stacy wonders what Ivy's talent is? More importantly if she is her sister, do they have the same father?

Sneaking back into her own cottage, so as not to let Birdie and her aunts know she is in town, Stacy is shocked to find someone in her home. In fact two someone’s. Unbelievably Birdie and the others have rented out her home for the week to a newlywed couple without telling her. Where are her things? A scream rings out from the inn bringing Stacy, the cop and his new wife running to find out what is going on. And older woman says she has seen someone with a knife and blood. When Birdie walks in the woman swears it was her.

Birdie tells her that the woman is mistaken and the mystery weekend does not start until the next night. She did not see her with a knife, but rather she saw a trowel as she was working in the garden. Stacy knows her grandmother is up to something as she is in her ceremonial cloak and who gardens in the middle of the night? Where was Birdie when Stacy pounded on and yelled outside her bedroom door with no response from inside? And since when did the inn hold Mystery weekends? Then a victim is murdered and rises and walks out of the coroner’s office.

This is just another day in the life of Stacy Justice, witch. So many questions with so few answers. What does someone think she has? Who is sending threats and attacking everyone? Follow Stacy as she tries to figure out the clues her mother left and keep Ivy safe without anyone finding out who she really is? Will she decide to forgive Leo and take him back or will she choose Chase, her first love? What do her aunts and Birdie know about Ivy? Did they know her mother was pregnant when she left that last time?

As always Barbra Annino leads in with a splash and keeps the waters churned to the end. This is another winner for Stacy Justice fans. Lucky for us, book three, Tiger's Eye, is now available. Although you can read this book by itself it is much better if you read it in series order. Start with book one in the Stacy Justice series, "Opal Fire", to get a more in depth background and better idea of the characters interactions.

Book Blurb for Bloodstone

All Stacy Justice wants to do is recover from the bizarre couple of weeks she’s had—a whirlwind kicked off by the arson attack on her cousin’s bar, the Black Opal. But just when life should be settling down, a fourteen-year-old girl named Ivy appears on Stacy’s doorstep, claiming to be her sister. Ivy says their mother’s life is in danger and insists that the family’s magic is crucial to saving her. Sure, Ivy has Stacy’s fiery red hair and green eyes—but is she really her sister? And can the secretive teen be trusted with magic?

Then a man is found dead at Stacy’s grandmother’s bed-and-breakfast, and she has no choice but to see where Ivy’s story leads. Strange warnings appear at every turn, including the disappearance of the family’s Blessed Book, and it seems someone is out to kill Stacy—again.

Picking up where Opal Fire left off, the second book in the spellbinding Stacy Justice series dazzles with even more magic, mystery, and mayhem—revealing the dark secrets of the Geraghty clan.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 4.50