Nightlife: Hazardous Materials

A Nightlife Novella

Hazardous Materials is a small package that holds a spectacular story. I must admit I was surprised at how thin this book was, but the storyline is well done and the characters are fully developed.

Jarrod Foster is down on his luck and the job he takes is less than fun or pretty. Finding a Polybuis video game is a great find, at first, to make extra money and move on with his life. What the game does to his personality is spooky and intriguing simultaneously. At one point near the end I thought, "It can't end like this!" Thanks to Mr. Martin, it didn't.

A sequel would be nice, but this short story is awesome all by itself.

Book Blurb for Nightlife: Hazardous Materials

Twenty-seven-year-old Jarrod Foster has hit a dead end. He spends his days disposing of hazardous waste and his nights wondering where it all went wrong. While gutting an abandoned roller rink, Jarrod discovers a bricked up video arcade still stocked with vintage games…which, three decades ago, was the site of the largest mass shooting in New York history.

Jarrod’s boss lets him keep one of the arcade games—an oddity called Polybius that no one seems to have ever heard of. Jarrod hopes to sell it and start a new life, but one grim night, he drops a quarter into the game…and the game drops Jarrod right into a nightmare.

As his life spirals into darkness, and his actions begin to mirror those of the long-dead spree killer, only one question remains…is Jarrod playing a game, or is the game playing him?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.50