Dead in the Water

Olivia Grant Mysteries book #1

Pyllis A. Humphrey puts an American spin on the traditional British cozy mystery with this suspense. Olivia Grant is a mature heroine who is intelligent and sympathetic but I found it hard time warming up to her. The cousinly affection was a bit too much for me to bear and when Olivia uses the phrase “elephant thighs” I was put off by that and her seeming preoccupation with her weight. The typical upper crust British relatives were entertaining and made for fascinating suspects. I also enjoyed the stiff upper lipped authorities, so different from the usual police officers that usually appear in this type of story. The four legged main character stole the show for me, because let’s face it I’m a sucker for an intelligent and cute animal. When Olivia’s younger brother made an appearance and alluded to opening an agency with her I found myself intrigued and I am looking forward to reading the next adventure to see if Olivia and I can form a connection. Over all this was a clever mystery and will appeal to fans of the genre.

Recovering from a divorce Olivia Grant heads to England to visit relatives for some much needed rest and relaxation. She arrives to quite a different welcome than she was expecting when she finds her recently deceased uncle’s widow dead in the lily pond. Olivia decides it’s the perfect opportunity to test out her detective skills but can she solve the murder or will England be her final resting place?

Book Blurb for Dead in the Water

Feeling at loose ends after her recent divorce, dedicated chocoholic Olivia Grant decides to visit relatives in jolly old England. Only things are anything but inviting when upon arrival Olivia stumbles on the dead body of her uncle's much-younger widow floating in the estate's lily pond. The police's theory: the victim had been drinking and fell in the pond while out walking her dog. But, if that's true, Olivia wonders how the dog got back in the house. Much to the chagrin of her eccentric British relatives, Olivia tries her hand at amateur sleuthing. Hey, if Kinsey Milhone can do it, so can she! What Olivia didn't count on was a family member with a secret worth blackmailing over, a trip to a home for aging criminals, and the appearance of a mysterious Mr. X. When another dead body falls at Olivia's feet she knows she's closing in on the killer...but will she catch him before he catches up to her?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 3.00