Deception at Castle Rock

Amelia Grace Rock 'n' Roll Mysteries, #2

Anne Marie Stoddard rocks it out with this cozy murder mystery. Amelia Grace is an easy heroine to bond with. There's just something so likeable about her that I imagine we'd be great friends if we ever met. I also imagine I'd get along with her exciting band of cohorts. I loved how her whole reason for trying to find the murderer was based on her relationships with her friends. She wasn't interfering with an investigation to be nosy or superior she wanted to help out those people closest to her. While I'm usually not a fan of a love triangle in my mysteries in this particular case the interactions between all the key players is what made this such a great read. Every conversation, every memory, every revelation moved the story nicely along and enhanced the feeling that it was more about connections than crime. The location is a fun and distinctive adding an exceptional element to the mystery. I enjoyed the mystery itself as it wasn't too complicated or too simple. If you are looking for an amusing break from your every day this is a great choice. This is my first Castle Rock mystery but I know it definitely will not be my last.

When college friends and current rockstars Royal Flush book a tour stop at Castle Rock, co-owners Amelia Grace and her best friend Kat couldn't be happier. Soon Amelia finds herself swaying to the sounds of some prison blues when her ex is discovered next to his band mate's body. Can Amelia find the real murderer before her own death march is played?

Book Blurb for Deception at Castle Rock

The last time Amelia Grace and her best friend, Kat, saw their college buds in the band Royal Flush, the guys had just launched a super-successful rock n’ roll career. Five years later, Ame's world-famous musician pals are back for a tour stop at Castle Rock. But things get heated during a fan meet-and-greet, leading to discord among the band members. And when Royal Flush’s bass guitarist, Sid Malone, is found dead, Ame’s ex-boyfriend, Mickey, finds himself with an all-access pass to a prison cell. Between juggling her duties at Castle Rock and assuring her FBI agent beau, Emmett, that her former romance with Mickey was a one-hit wonder, Ame is on the case to prove her ex’s innocence and expose a web of lies that goes deeper than the tracks on a rock album's B-side.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50