Diva Las Vegas

Raven McShane Mysteries book #1

Stephanie Caffrey introduces a fun new heroine in this cozy mystery. Raven McShane is not a typical sleuth, as a PI in training she still has her full time career as an exotic dancer which in itself is fascinating. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into a world that is usually viewed as seedy and undesirable and while the author makes it far from appealing she does a wonderful job of showcasing why Raven would choose it. I enjoyed watching her interact with the other characters in the book be they what I deem typical Vegas characters or more average people. Raven has a sassy attitude and a kind heart and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her stumble her way around this case. I can't wait to see what she gets up to in her follow up adventure. If you like your mysterious accompanied by gin and giggles this is one for you.

When exotic dancer and newbie private investigator Raven McShane is asked by a good friend for help Raven can't refuse. So she finds herself digging into one of Las Vegas's most scandalous murders and she uncovers secrets some prefer remain buried. Can Raven solve the murder before she becomes the next victim?

Book Blurb for Diva Las Vegas

When Las Vegas exotic dancer Raven McShane launches a private detective business, no one takes her seriously at first. But when a former dancer and good friend needs help solving the town's most notorious murder, Raven joins forces with a built bouncer and a smokin' hot Mormon to uncover the killer's identity. Raven dodges casino thugs, old-money families, and long-buried secrets, all of which lead her down a path that's seedier than the strip in the morning light. If she can stay one step ahead of the killer, she just may prove that this beauty has brains, too.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00