Double Down

Raven McShane Mysteries book #4

Stephanie Caffrey pens a sassy, sexy, private investigator in this Las Vegas based cozy mystery. Raven McShane is a an exotic dancer looking to make a career change so she's decided to become a private investigator. She's determined to make good of her new career and she makes no apologies for who she is and how she lives her life, so while I have absolutely nothing in common with this woman I was able to feel a connection. Her eating habits had me snickering out loud and sometimes cringing a little at her culinary choices. I enjoyed her awkwardness around the opposite sex as it seemed genuinely refreshing. Watching how she does her detective work by the seat of her pants kept me smiling throughout the book and while I wish I had read the previous books in the series first I now have some others to read without any waiting. If you like fun cozies with an interesting heroine this is one for you.

Las Vegas exotic dancer and private detective, Raven McShane infiltrates a card-counting ring to discover who is skimming her client's profits. However the case becomes much bigger than she anticipated. Now it's up to her to stay safe, solve the case and deal with changes in her personal life.

Book Blurb for Double Down

Raven McShane, Las Vegas' sauciest private detective, is a lot of things: exotic dancer, shoe shopper, fad dieter, day drinker—just to name a few. But blackjack player? Not so much. And so when a new client asks her to infiltrate his card-counting ring to see who's skimming profits off the top, she's tasked with learning how to become a passable card player and fast! At first she's worried about being dragged heels-first out of the casinos, but soon enough she finds herself mixed up in a situation much bigger than just her client's little card-counting group. And the timing couldn't be worse, either, as it coincides with the increased romantic interest from a wealthy and powerful admirer. Can Raven solve a mystery, save herself, and ignite a new relationship all at once?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00