Kitty James Mysteries, #1

Kitty James delivers a delightful mystery with this suspense story. I immediately felt an affinity for Kitty, the heroine with her panic attacks and reclusiveness. I never felt sorry for her or felt as if she deserved pity or censure. I thoroughly enjoyed her personality and her preoccupation with death after all it seemed perfectly suitable to her career choice. There was mention of an incident with an Aunt and Uncle I wish had been expanded upon but all in all her personality seemed fine with me. I loved how Ian didn’t judge her idiosyncrasies; he pushed his way into her life while pushing her boundaries. He made for a wonderful hero, he had his flaws which kept him from being too perfect but he was a great match for Kitty. I enjoyed how the story itself used scenes from the past woven in with the events of the present. Ever character was appealing in some way and even though I still have a few questions about some things I found the story to be entertaining and enjoyable. If you are a fan of a little history with your mystery this is a good choice.

Mystery author Kitty has always had a morbid curiosity when it comes to death and murder and when two bodies are found while she is renovating her old barn she gets to become part of the story. When her neighbor Ian offers to let her root around his family’s attic she hopes to solve the identities but someone will go to any means to keep the past buried.

Book Blurb for Dragonfly

Kitty James is a modern day recluse and mystery author with a knack for spotting the potential to kill someone in everyday situations. Ruth Winter is a young woman living on her parent’s tobacco farm during the 1930’s with her daughter Evie. One night Ruth’s life changes forever, and she disappears without a trace. When Kitty renovates the old tobacco barn on her new property, two dead bodies are unearthed, and the lives of both women collide!

The news rockets through the town at light-speed, and results in her introduction to Ian Matthews, a handsome neighbor, who’s family once owned the old farmstead. The bodies, combined with Ian’s romantic advances, and mysterious time-travel dreams, push the limits of her sanity.

As Kitty gets closer to discovering the identities of her backyard corpses, she will fall victim to a modern day murderer who wants to keep old family secrets quiet. She must push herself beyond her comfort level to solve this mystery, and she risks her life and Ian’s love to discover the truth, even as someone tries to silence her—permanently.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 3.50