Fudge Brownies & Murder

Culinary Competition Mysteries, #4

Janel Gradowski delivers a delightfully tasty cozy with this latest Amy and Carla adventure. I loved watching Amy go all mother hen on her friend and how she instantly connected with Carla's mother. It was so sweet how she was making meals for her incapacitated and hugely pregnant friend and her husband. I also loved that she was supplying Carla's pregnancy cravings. I enjoyed getting to know the annoying Raychelle a little better but kept getting confused with her sister Chantelle. I also enjoyed meeting more new characters who were so passionate about their lifestyle choices. While most of the choices were beyond me they made for some pretty interesting characteristics on some of the suspects. It was interesting to see deeper glimpses into Amy's personality when it came to issues of parents and mother hood and yet she still remained that interesting quirky gal I've come to look forward to from previous adventures. This was another solid story, the kind of cozy I've come to expect from this author and if you like your mysteries on the sweet and savory side this is one to read.

Amy Ridley has once again become involved with a murder investigation when a fellow culinary contestant ends up dead. Enter the woman's messed up family, a group of business rivals and some exuberant contest entrants and Detective Stepler is stumped so Amy helps out the daddy to be, after all she has an in and his plate is full entertaining a wife on bed rest and a mother-in-law he's only just met.

Book Blurb for Fudge Brownies & Murder

Culinary whiz and reluctant amateur sleuth, Amy Ridley, has a lot on her plate. Her very pregnant best friend, Carla, can barely move from her couch per doctor's orders. So Amy is tasked with preparing meals for the expanding family along with baking endless pans of brownies to quench Carla's pregnancy cravings. Not only is she playing chef, but she's also trying to convince the mommy-to-be that she needs to have a baby shower. But when a restaurant owner is murdered at a blogging conference, Amy finds herself in a race to catch the killer before the baby is born.

As Carla's baby bump gets bigger, so does the list of suspects. While Amy pares down the potential murderers and staves off disgruntled

cooking competition rivals, the clock ticks down, the baby's arrival draws closer, and the danger grows stronger! If Amy doesn't watch her back, she may be the next member of the competition going down.

**Recipes Included!**

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.50