Invitation to Murder

Beth Prentice pulled me in from the first page with her cozy mystery. Alex Anderson is an intriguing leading lady. She is far from perfect but that makes her all the more delightful. The author takes a tried and true scenario and adds a few twists and turns and creates a very successful suspense. I found it so very easy to relate to the office politics and Alex's insecurities. The characters in this story are all interesting and add to the plot. I enjoyed the interactions between Alex and each and every one of them. I loved that I found myself trying to solve what the heck was going on at the same time I was chuckling at some of the antics of everyone involved. If you like your whodunits to be witty this is a wise choice. I'm looking forward to seeing just what Alex and some of her friends get up to next.

Alexandra Anderson is reluctant to attend a reunion at her former workplace but she lets her best friend convince her it will be a fun evening. Alex thinks the evening can't get any worse when she is put in a group with her ex-boyfriend and his new wife but then the fake murder mystery turns real and Alex must find the killer before she becomes the next victim.

Book Blurb for Invitation to Murder

When Alexandra Anderson is invited to work place reunion at the televisions station where she formerly worked, she's excited to catch up with old friends. And the theme of the reunion is a Murder Mystery Party, so that should be fun, right? Wrong! Alexandra's first horror is coming face-to-face with her ex-boyfriend and his brand new, gorgeous wife. Second, the party happens to coincide with one of the worst storms of the season, knocking out utility lines and cell service. And when her less-than-beloved ex-boss becomes the Murder Party's fake victim, Alexandra and her "team" are tasked with solving the fake murder before anyone else. The only bright spot? The sexy cameraman on Alex's team with the sparkling blue eyes and soft, full lips.

But what starts out as a game becomes all too real when Alexandra stumbles upon the actual dead body of her ex's new wife. Did someone take the game too seriously? Is there a real murder among the party-goers? Can following the clues to a fake murder help Alex solve a real one? Trapped by the storm, with "players" disappearing and time running out, Alex finds herself in the middle of a deadly game of cat and mouse... where not everyone will make it out alive!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 4.00