Killer Cannoli

A Terrified Detective Mystery Series, #2

Carole Fowkes follows up her debut cozy with another delicious treat in Killer Cannoli, the second book in the Terrified Detective Mystery series. Claire DeNardo’s character is back and she seems only a little less frightened of everything after her first adventure. But, that isn't to say she has changed drastically. She is still far from a hardened private investigator. Watching her with her family is still a wonderful experience. I love how close she is with her father and aunt, which show the dynamics of the relationships. I was also very happy to see Ed make it into this adventure. I was even happier to see Police Detective Brian Corrigan again. I love mob stories and was happy to see some wise guys enter into Claire's life. What mystery can't use the added intrigue? After reading the debut in this series, I was very happy where things were going, but as I read this book, I became more disappointed because the relationship between them has gone backward instead of forward.

When Private Investigator Claire DeNardo is drawn into another dangerous murder investigation, she'd like nothing more than to walk away, but she can't. Her aunt discovers her new boyfriend's body in the café. The family is soon drawn into a world that she'd rather not visit. Can Claire find the killer and keep her aunt safe while juggling the attention of not one, but two sexy men?

Book Blurb for Killer Cannoli

Private Investigator Claire DeNardo, visits her Aunt Lena's cafe, Cannoli's, and discovers a romance brewing between her aunt and a new customer. Claire's surmises that her aunt's new boyfriend is lying about his identity prove solid when he's found murdered at the cafe. Claire ignores the warning of Police Detective Brian Corrigan and delves into the dead man's life. In the process she realizes her aunt may unwittingly possess what the killer wants. And it's not her tiramisu recipe.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 3.50