Killer Closet Case

Danger Cove, #6

T. Sue VerSeeg and Elizabeth Ashby deliver a delightful cozy mystery with the latest Danger Cove Mystery. Bree Milford is an engaging and intelligent heroine with just the right amount of ginger attitude. She was so easy to relate to even though we really did not have much in common, yet I felt invested in what was happening to her and her family. The setting was fabulous and I’d love to visit and perhaps become a resident. The Bed and Breakfast itself sounds lovely and Bree’s parents are an absolute hoot. Without giving too much away I wanted things to work out so badly for this family. Cristal is quite the stunning sidekick in her runway fashions and paparazzi press-deflecting superpowers. The handy man was a hottie but with enough flaws to make him more totally believable, although I will say a few times his Scottish accent reminded me a little of an Aussie but maybe that was just me. While this is my first visit to the lovely town I can tell you it definitely will not be my last as soon as I finish typing up this review I’ll be downloading the stories that came before.

After basically crashing an burning in LA Bree Milford and her Hollywood bestie come to Danger Cove where she agrees to run the family B&B while her parents take off in the RV. Before the gravel has even settled a dead body falls out of the closet and Bree’s parents are the main suspects. Can she solve the murder before she becomes the next victim?

Book Blurb for Killer Closet Case

Someone has skeletons in their closet...

Bree Milford had big city dreams. But when her glamorous career fails to materialize, she can't pay her big city rent. Slinking home to the sleepy town of Danger Cove to reorganize and figure out her life, she agrees to run the family's Ocean View Bed & Breakfast while her parents go on vacation. After living in fast-paced L.A., Bree fears she'll be bored with small town life. However, it becomes anything but dull when she convinces her parents' hot handyman to expand the tiny closet in the living quarters...and a dead body falls out of the wall!

Things get even more interesting when the medical examiner puts the time of death right around when her parents took possession of the B&B and started renovations. Worried the police have Mom and Dad in their sights, Bree asks her best friend, Cristal, to stick around for backup. With her high maintenance BFF by her side, and the handsome handyman on her suspect list, Bree has her work cut out for her. She's on the clock to prove her parents' innocence before they end up behind bars...and the killer can strike again!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00