Life is Better Brunette

Gilda Wright Mysteries book #3

Diane Bator projects a fantastic tale with this cozy mystery. Gilda is a fun heroine who from the first book I immediately felt a connection with even though we have nothing truly in common. I enjoy the fact that we get to see glimpses into small town life, goings on behind the scenes of a martial arts school and all the relationships Gilda deals with on a daily basis. The fact that her relationship isn't portrayed as perfect works well and is a great balance with the actual mystery and in fact helps advance certain details. I might have mentioned in previous reviews how partial I am about men with accents so I can truly understand Gilda's infatuation with Kane. I enjoy just how this woman's mind works and I can't wait to see just what the next adventure will be.

Gilda Wright might be dating the sexy sensei at her martial arts school, however she enjoys flirting with New Age store owner Kane. When Kane hires an attractive psychic Gilda admits to a little jealousy but when the other woman's murder prediction comes true Gilda finds herself involved in a murder investigation yet again.

Book Blurb for Life is Better Brunette

Gilda Wright has always had an open mind about the spiritual world. Dating the hot sensei at her martial arts school, Mick Williams, has taught her that mind, body, and spirit have a strong connection. But when her good friend and sometimes flirtation, Kane Garrick, hires a pretty psychic at his New Age store, Gilda finds herself torn between being glad he's distracted and feeling just the teeny-tiniest bit jealous. A feeling that quickly turns to suspicion when the psychic's predictions begin to come true—including one about the murder of a well-known person in their small town! Suddenly Gilda wonders if the psychic's involvement in both her predictions and Kane's life are mere coincidence or a clever set up. It's up to Gilda to find the truth and track down a killer...before her own death becomes next on the psychic's prediction list!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00