Sleighed at Castle Rock

Amelia Grace Rock 'n' Roll Mysteries holiday short story

Anne Marie Stoddard hits the right note with this fun and frolicking, holiday whodunit. This time around our intrepid Castle Rock clue hound is the always enjoyable Bronwyn. I loved this swift and sweet read that retained its rocker edge while still keeping things almost jolly and bright, well in a holiday heat wave kind of way. I loved catching up with some old friends from the previous story but I don't believe you would need to read previous installments to enjoy this seasonal short. Bronwyn's crazy antics had already endeared her to me from earlier encounters but with this story she was a shining start, stealing the show and making a musical miracle. I appreciated the irony that a plant usually touted for its romantic properties is used as a murder weapon. If you are looking for a Christmas cozy you'll love this one.

Bronwyn Sinclair loves her job as assistant to Castle Rock's manager but she's not happy that she has to haul out the holiday spirit during the oppressive heat of a Georgia July. But seriously how is she supposed to deal with an attempted murder, a messed up costume and a blistering heat while still producing a kick butt music festival?

Book Blurb for Sleighed at Castle Rock

No matter what season, the holidays can be murder! Bronwyn Sinclair, assistant to Castle Rock manager, Amelia Grace, is feeling Grinchy—but who can blame her? With Ame out of town, Bronwyn is taking over her duties running Castle Rock’s Christmas in July music festival and Battle of the Bands competition. It’s hard enough to get into the holiday spirit in the sweltering summer heat, but things take a turn for the deadly when someone slips mistletoe in one of the judges' drinks. Can Bron scratch the would-be killer off her naughty list before the whole festival is ruined?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50