Teased to Death

Misty Newman Mysteries, #1

Gina LaManna shimmies and shakes up a small town with this cozy mystery. Misty Newman is not your average amateur sleuth but the qualities that make her stand out from the others are the same traits that make her an easy target to take the blame for murder. It's funny how I couldn't decide how I felt about her as I waffled back and forth between thinking she was flaky and feeling a bond with her. It was almost the same as my feeling for her former love, I truly took some time to warm up to this uninhibited heroine but I'm so glad I stuck with the story because I really did enjoy most of the characters and the small town charm as well. I am a huge fan of Mitzy's best friend, if I ever get falsely accused of murder I want a bestie like her to have my back. The quirky mystery itself was entertaining and had a great twist and I'll never be able to look at fishnet stockings the same way again. Now that I've warmed up to Misty I'm wondering if she might just wobble into a whole new whodunit.

Misty Newman's career ending injury is the impetus for her to return home to Minnesota. Life in California didn't turn out as she'd hoped but she's determined to be present for her family and friends and make a success of her brand new dance studio. Someone else has other plans and it looks like she'd being framed for murder. Can she catch a killer before winding up as the next victim?

Book Blurb for Teased to Death

It's all fun and dance, until a body turns up.

When Misty Newman returned home to rural Minnesota, the residents of Little Lake were surprised—and not in a good way. Having skipped town ten years before with a scholarship in hand and the shiniest of futures, Misty took a nasty fall from grace when she dropped out of college to become a Hollywood burlesque dancer. Though she didn't hope for a welcome home parade or an invitation to join the Monday night knitting club, Misty never expected to become the number one suspect in a murder case! However when her landlord is found strangled by her fishnet stockings, things don't look good for Misty. To make matters worse, the town sheriff—Misty's ex-almost-fiancé—happens to agree. All Misty wants is to fix up her grandmother's cozy house, revive her struggling dance studio, and rekindle the old friendships she's neglected...but if Misty doesn't find out who's responsible for the death soon, she may just be next on the killer's list! author

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 3.50