Tree of Life and Death

Danger Cove, #7

Elizabeth Ashby and Gin Jones piece together the perfect holiday who-dunnit. Keely Fairchild is a fantastic leading lady. She keeps her cool when the situation gets hot and her education and experience shine through in the situation. I loved how she had no qualms about admitting her shortcomings, I wish more people were like this. After all she has a fabulous skill set and not everyone can be wonderful at everything. I enjoyed learning so much about quilting and the quilting world, in fact I am so inspired I just might take a class. Every character in the story, be they suspect or standby, were highly entertaining and integral to the story. I’m a sucker for romance so I loved that Matt Viera is a potential love interest but that it doesn’t cross the line into a romance novel. I loved all the little idiosyncrasies and traits of everyone and witnessing their interactions was so amusing and informative. The pace was wonderful, steady enough to keep me reading but not so fast that I felt I was missing anything. This was my first Keely Fairchild mystery and I know it won’t be my last so I suggest you pick this one up and treat yourself to a merry murder this Christmas.

Keely Fairchild plans on spending her day providing free appraisals of holiday quilts at the Historical Museum during a volunteer ornament making workshop. Things turn from Merry Christmas to murder faster than the Quilting Guild can zip a seam. Will Keely and local reporter Matt Viera catch the killer before she becomes the next victim?

Book Blurb for Tree of Life and Death

The holidays can be a killer...

Quilt appraiser Keely Fairchild is thrilled that the Danger Cove Quilt Guild has teamed up with the Historical Museum to make miniature quilts to decorate the museum's Christmas tree. To join in the holiday spirit, she offers free appraisals of holiday quilts during the ornament-making workshop. But when the owner of a Tree of Life quilt is fatally stabbed in the museum's parking lot, Keely finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation! The police think it's a random act of violence, but Keely is convinced it has something to do with the quilt, which is now missing. Everyone is a suspect including the workshop instructor, the instructor's annoying assistant, a shady retired cop, and even the local quilt shop owner who found the body. And don't forget hot local reporter, Matt Viera, who isn't proving to be as reliable as Keely had hoped. Can she count on him to help her solve the case or will he abandon her again...this time to the mercies of a vicious killer?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50