When the Cat's Away

Proverbial Crime Mysteries book #2

Dane McCaslin brings the wonderful town of Seneca Meadows to life full of fabulously entertaining inhabitants. Caro Layton-Browning is unique and so very British, which in itself is amusing. I loved meeting all of the different characters as they brought the town and the story to life. Her relationship with her husband is absolutely adorable and so realistic in it's unusualness. I loved the mystery and the twists and turns that took place. When I think of cozy mysteries I often think of British heroines who are nosy and determined and Caro is definitely is that. If you enjoy classic Cozies with a twist this one is a must read.

Heaven help it but mystery author Caro Layton-Browning has discovered a cure for her boredom, it's time for her to solve another murder. When the much hated president of the local Chamber of Commerce is found dead Caro finds herself involved with some nasty criminals. Can she solve the murder and stay alive?

Book Blurb for When the Cat's Away

Mystery writer Caro Layton-Browning has a bad case of writer's block and boredom—a very dangerous combination. Looking for something to distract her, she pays a visit to her newest neighbor, Meredith Holmes, the proprietor of a kitschy bookstore called Murder by the Book. When Meredith confides in Caro concerning an on-going battle with the president of the Seneca Meadows Chamber of Commerce, Caro jumps at the chance to liven things up a bit. Vowing to give "the dragon lady," Lucia Scarantelli, a piece of her mind, Caro takes Meredith downtown to confront the issue head-on.

Apparently someone else had the same idea. When Caro literally stumbles over the body of a very dead Lucia, she becomes determined to find out who did it—before hubby, Gregory, returns from a business trip to England. Teaming up with Meredith, Caro starts an investigation that uncovers a stolen goods ring which stretches from New York City to Seneca Meadows.

With just enough information to make her a threat to the bad guys, Caro begins to worry that this could be her last case...and possibly the end of her life.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.00