Dead with the Wind

A Southern Ladies Mystery, #2

The Ducote sisters are back for their second outing after last year’s Bless Her Dead Little Heart. This time out they’re attending a wedding in Louisiana, where the bride to be Sondra Delevan seems to put her trust fund above all else. However, when a violent storm sweeps Sondra off a balcony to her death, the sisters suspect foul play. They soon learn that many of the guests objected to Sondra’s marriage, leaving it up to the sisters to find out who took “till death do us part” a little TOO literally.

As with the Cat in the Stacks series, this one is full of Southern charm and humor. The Ducote sisters are certainly two spry old ladies who more than give Jessica Fletcher a run for her money! I could easily see Angela Lansbury portraying one of them in a movie or tv series. As with all of James’ mysteries, it is well written and well plotted but it is the down home characterizations that win our hearts. Four Stars – ROCCO LOTEMPIO

Book Blurb for Dead with the Wind

The New York Times bestselling author of Bless Her Dead Little Heart and the Cats in the Stacks mysteries brings back the Ducote sisters, two spry Southern sleuths.

An’gel and Dickce Ducote tend to stay put in Athena, Mississippi, but a wedding is a good reason to say a temporary farewell to Charlie Harris’s cat Diesel and go visit relatives. But while their stay in Louisiana is scorching hot, the atmosphere at the wedding is downright cold, with bride-to-be Sondra Delevan putting her trust fund above little things like love and loyalty.

When a violent storm supposedly sweeps Sondra off a balcony to her death, the sisters discover that many of the guests attending the wedding had major reasons to object to Sondra’s marriage. Now, it’s up to An’gel and Dickce to use their down-home instincts to expose dubious alibis, silver-plated secrets, and one relentless murderer who lives for “till death do us part.”

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00