Florist Grump

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Florist Grump

A Flower Shop Mystery, #17

The irrepressible Abby Knight Salvare is back, this time she and hubby Marco are living with Abby’s parents while their dream house is being built – and if anything can turn Abby into a grump,that sure can! Besides being overwhelmed with cousin Jillian’s bundle of joy, now everyone seems to think that Abby and Marco should follow suit! But that all falls on the back burner when a banker is murdered, and a beloved window washer is the prime suspect. Abby and Marco set rock a bye baby to the side to concentrate on finding the real killer and clearing their friend.

Florist Grump is the type of fun, lighthearted whodunit that we’ve come to expect from Kate Collins. Collins weaves a fast moving plot and Abby is, as usual, a likeable and charming heroine, although my favorite is her neurotic cousin Jillian. I can’t wait to see how she does as a mother! The only mystery here is how she manages to keep everything fresh after seventeen books! Four and a half stars – ROCCO LOTEMPIO

Book Blurb for Florist Grump

From the New York Times bestselling author of A Root Awakening, feisty florist Abby Knight is back with another knotty murder to solve in the next Flower Shop Mystery...

Life in Bloom

Stopping to smell the roses should be a must for flower shop owner Abby Knight, but stress has turned her into a major grump. While their house is under construction, Abby and her new husband, Marco, are living with her parents, who are driving her nuts. Not to mention that everyone has babies on the brain, with her cousin Jillian’s bundle of joy popping up in every conversation, and Marco’s mother dropping hints that she expects a new sprout from Abby and her son—as soon as possible!

But things get even thornier after a flashy former banker pushes up daisies. With a beloved window washer the prime suspect in the murder, other New Chapel shop owners rally around Abby and Marco to prove his innocence. With Abby’s energy wilting, she has to be on high alert—or she and Marco may not live to see their new home…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.50