A Ghostly Demise

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A Ghostly Demise

Ghostly Southern Mysteries, #3

I've heard so much about this series I was thrilled to finally get a copy for review. Unfortunately I was less than thrilled with the book. Now don't get me wrong it was well written, funny, and full of Southern Charm...but for some reason I just didn't connect with it like I expected to. And I honestly don't understand why. I absolutely adore cozy mysteries with paranormal elements. Perhaps I'm just in a funk. I will try more of Kappes quirky mysteries as they seem to contain all the right elements. I think I just need to be in the right frame of mind to read them.

This is the third book of the Ghostly Southern Mysteries. Emma Lee Raines is finally starting to accept her "Betweener" skills of being able to communicate with the dead...and help solve their murders while being one of the town of Sleepy Hollow, Kentucky's undertakers.

The town drunk, Cephus Hardy, who has been missing for five years, shows up. Too bad for Emma, he's dead and she has to help solve his murder with the help of her sexy Sheriff boyfriend, Jack Henry.

A unique take on cozy mysteries, with a healthy dose of southern charm, and a cast of zany characters made this an enjoyable read. I would love to read other books by this author.

Book Blurb for A Ghostly Demise

The prodigal father returns—but this ghost is no holy spirit

When she runs into her friend's deadbeat dad at the local deli, undertaker Emma Lee Raines can't wait to tell Mary Anna Hardy that he's back in Sleepy Hollow, Kentucky, after five long years. Cephus Hardy may have been the town drunk, but he didn't disappear on an epic bender like everyone thought: He was murdered. And he's heard that Emma Lee's been helping lost souls move on to that great big party in the sky.

Why do ghosts always bother Emma Lee at the worst times? Her granny's mayoral campaign is in high gear, a carnival is taking over the town square, and her hunky boyfriend, Sheriff Jack Henry Ross, is stuck wrestling runaway goats. Besides, Cephus has no clue whodunit…unless it was one of Mrs. Hardy's not-so-secret admirers. All roads lead Emma Lee to that carnival—and a killer who isn't clowning around.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00