Order and Anarchy

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Order and Anarchy

The Thin Blue Line series Book 2

We have an awesome m/m series here. You have to read Patricia Logan.

This second book is just as good as the first book in the series. Pope and Felix are setting the pages ablaze on this new adventures. The plot twisted and turned as any good adventure does. The return of friends from other books made for a humorous addition.

Pope is still learning to trust Felix after the betrayal of his previous work partner. It's slow going but he's getting there. The longer they are together the stronger their feelings for each other become... in and out of work the environment. This all adds to the smoothness of the story line.

Adding in another big bad in the over all story arch makes me really impatient for the next book to come out. I want to know who the big bad is! The book was more than Order and Anarchy. We have another hit by Patricia Logan. Don't miss her The Thin Blue Line series.

Book Blurb for Order and Anarchy

Homeland Security investigators Felix Jbarra and Pope Dades are about to work their first big case as partners. Someone is creating counterfeit government documents and selling them through a site similar to the old Silk Road which was shut down years ago. As they dive into the case with the help of their friends at the FBI and LAPD, Felix and Pope realize the Dark Web site is selling more than documents. It’s selling death.

When a man connected with the website turns up murdered, it’s all hands on deck and with so many letter agencies involved in this case, coordinating all parties is bound to be a challenge. When yet another agency unexpectedly gets involved, their bosses would find it laughable if it wasn’t so damned dangerous.

Felix and Pope are getting used to being partners but they are well-trained professionals who must learn to trust each other at work as well as at home. When a bomb almost kills them, they have no choice but to shorten that learning curve. From the mean streets of Hollywood to unfamiliar places on the Dark Net, our heroes put themselves in danger every moment, trying their best to protect innocents while keeping each other alive.

Order and Anarchy contains an exciting excerpt from Crime and Chaos Book 3!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2019 4.50