Sweet Revenge

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Sweet Revenge

Goldy Bear Culinary Series

Goldy Schulz is back! During her busy Christmas season, Goldy is thrilled to be catering for her wealthy clients Hermie and Smithfield MacArthur. Then Goldy sees the woman who killed her ex-husband, Sandee Brisban. She is terrified that Sandee is back for more revenge. But when Drew Wellington the ex DA turned Map Dealer is found dead in the library where Goldy was supposed to cater their breakfast, she is drawn into his murder investigation.
Worried about Sandee's appearing again in Aspen Meadows and the murder of Drew Wellington Goldy has a lot on her plate as well as catering the parties that are booked. But when a second Map Dealer is murdered, and some rare maps are missing Goldy doesn't know what to believe or who the murderer is.
Goldy and her husband Tom Schulz, a detective with the sheriff's dept, are on the case. But will Goldy find Sandee Brisbane or will she find the murderer?
I've always loved Goldy Schulz and her catering mysteries. I've listened to them from the first one out and I will recommend Sweet Revenge to my friends. And I will probably listen to this one again in the future.
*Review Based Off Audio Book

Book Blurb for Sweet Revenge

A month before Christmas, I saw a ghost. . . .

While catering a holiday breakfast feast for the staff of the Aspen Meadow Library, Goldy Schulz spots a woman who resembles Sandee Brisbane—the Sandee Brisbane who killed Goldy's ex-husband, the Jerk. But Sandee is supposed to be dead. Or so everyone believes.

Goldy's suspicions mount when the body of a man is found in the library with a valuable map stashed in his clothing. But the holiday madness is only just beginning. Soon Goldy is drawn into the dangerous, double-crossing world of high-end map dealing. And like the ghost of Christmas past, Sandee keeps making an appearance. Could she be out to prove that revenge is sweet?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00