Cooking Up Murder

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Cooking Up Murder

A Cooking Class Mystery, #1

The last thing Annie wants is to take cooking classes. So yeah, she can’t cook and can burn a pan boiling water, but isn’t there better things to do than take cooking classes?

Eve has been her best friend forever, and everything seems to come easy for Eve, but Eve thinks this cooking class she signed them up for will be fun, and will get Annie out of the house a little bit too.

Little did they know but there is going to be more than food at this cooking class, there will be murder!! Who knew that cooking class could turn out to be so, thrilling? You get a mysterious murder, some mysterious cooks in the cooking class, and to top off everything, a very hot cooking instructor. Annie thinks that cooking just might be the right thing after all to liven up her life.

I think that along the way through this book Annie and Eve come to understand each other better, and I think become closer friends in the process. Annie finds out there is more substance to Eve than she thought, and I think Eve comes to realize that Annie can be cool and have fun sometimes too.

This is a definite keeper and anyone who is into a good mystery or whodunit, with some red herrings thrown in the soup for good measure should definitely pick this one up, you won’t be sorry.

Book Blurb for Cooking Up Murder

Annie and Eve are life-long best friends who have absolutely nothing in common-except a lack of skill in the kitchen. So when they sign up for a cooking class at the local gourmet shop, they figure the only things at risk are a few innocent fruits and vegetables. But on the first night, Annie and Eve see their fellow student Beyla arguing with a man-a man who later turns up dead in the parking lot. Now the friends feel bound to uncover whatever secrets she's hiding, before someone else's goose-perhaps one of their own-gets cooked.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50