Waiting! Waiting to kill…or waiting to die? Ames is sent to do a job, a job he does better than most. The only problem is? In his type of business, trusting anyone outside himself could be lethal.

I truly enjoyed Mr. Floyd’s - Watched. This short story can be described as captivating from beginning to end and I found myself wanting more…much more. The mood and setting kept me on the edge of my seat and the dialogue aptly intensified the tension. I admire Mr. Floyd’s ability to define each character’s personality without telling much about them at all. This is a classic example of how “showing” the reader the events can put them among the actors taking part in the story. This is very hard to do in a short story and I can honestly say the only dissatisfaction I experienced is wanting more from this writer. This was very well done and I highly recommend Watched for those desiring to be entertained if only for a brief spell.

Book Blurb for Watched

Ames wasn't sure if he was a hired thief or a hired assassin. For this job, he supposed he would be both. He wasn't happy about the arrangements: he was far from home, freezing cold, and teamed with people he neither liked nor trusted. And, this morning, he had found an anonymous note in his coat pocket suggesting that he might soon be the hunted rather than the hunter.

But it was too late to back out. It was time, and-pleased or not-here he was, armed and ready and sitting in the dark at the killing ground, silently watching the window of his soon-to-be victim. What Ames didn't know was that someone in that window was watching him as well, and that before this night was over there would be more than one victim.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50