Down Among the Dead Men

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Down Among the Dead Men

Trying to claw his way back to credibility and financial solvency after fabricating a story, Nick, a writer, lands a true-crime book contract. His job: to write about the slaughter of several nuns in a Mexican boarder town. When he begins researching it, he’s nearly murdered. His gut tells him he’s onto something big and dangerous. Unable to resist, Nick presses on.

Meanwhile our heroine, Beth, is vacationing with her wild-child sister, Jen, aboard a cruise ship. When Jen disappears, Beth starts her own investigation. Out of her element in Mexico, Beth is mugged. No closer to finding anything out about Jen, Beth finds she’s missed the cruise boat and is stuck in a Mexico without money or identification.

After witnessing more cold-blooded murders, Nick narrowly escapes with his life. When Nick and Beth’s world’s intersect, the mucky picture of a strange, brutal religious cult emerges. One that is far reaching with powers hard to fathom.

Not wanting to give away too much of the plot, I’ll stop here. There is a great twist about halfway through the book that I don’t want to spoil.

Down Among the Dead Men is a nail-biting thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed. The author did a great job of keeping the hero and heroine in peril.

Book Blurb for Down Among the Dead Men

The Day of the Dead – El Dia de los Muertos – when Mexico celebrates its lost loved ones. But for disgraced newspaper reporter, Nick Vargas, and attorney, Beth Crawford, it is not an occasion to celebrate.
Nick, now a true crime writer, is determined to find the truth behind the slaughter of nuns in a deserted house in the desert, and Beth is desperate to find her younger sister, Jen, who disappeared without trace when they were on holiday in Mexico.
Their quest for the truth leads them to a small town in Mexico where a mysterious and malevolent cult are known to perform sinister and deadly rituals. And now Beth and Nick know that they are being watched, and that their enemy is waiting for the right moment to strike . . .

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.50